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Aquatica Group Discount Tickets Available

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From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools, to tranquil beaches and the remarkable animal habitats that are the hallmark of SeaWorld, Aquatica delights all ages and interests. This one-of-a-kind waterpark is home to some of the world’s most thrilling water rides, featuring 36 slides, six rivers and lagoons and more than 80,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches. Aquatica’s exclusive attractions promise unlimited fun, sending guests on amazing undersea adventures and through breathtaking animal exhibits.

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Attractions & Rides

inside Aquatica Water Park

The dolphon plunge at Sea Worlds Aquatica waterpark. get your group discount tickets for aquatica through orlando group getaways.


Showcasing the park’s most distinctive animals, Dolphin Plunge at Aquatica takes riders down 250 feet of clear tubes, underwater, and through Aquatica’s beautiful Commerson’s dolphin habitat. Guests who prefer to see these stunning black-and-white marine mammals without taking the plunge may sneak a peek at Dolphin Lookout. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall (1.22m).

The wave pool at aquatica waterpark. Get your aquatica group discount tickets throgh orlando group getaways.


Guests can catch a wave in the world’s only side-by-side wave pools capable of operating together or independently. Filled with a combined 860,000 gallons of water, these enormous wave pools in Aquatica water park deliver very different experiences. Cutback Cove produces crashing waves with 5-foot swells while Big Surf Shores creates gently-rolling surf.


This Aquatica adventure river zips guests through 1,500 feet of rapids, past geysers and through waterfalls at a speed three to four times faster than a typical waterpark river.


For a slower pace, Loggerhead Lane inside Aquatica, is a lazy river that floats guests through a spectacular underwater view of the Commerson’s dolphins, past exotic birds and through a beautiful 10,000-gallon habitat of thousands of exotic fish.

The racer at aquatica waterpark. Group discount tickets for aquatica are available through orlando group getaways.


For those who prefer life in the fast lane, Taumata Racer inside Aquatica, speeds riders down a 300-foot slide, in and out of tunnels and around a 360-degree turn before racing them across the finish line.

This eight-lane racing slide is named after a 300-foot hill in southern Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.  Riders must be at least 42 inches tall (1.07m).       

HOOROO RUN:            

Crikes! Hooroo Run rafters experience a sense of weightlessness as they soar down this

6-story, 250-foot, triple-drop water ride in the Aquatica water park. The 7-foot-wide flume takes four riders at a time on a straight shot down -- three times!  While the popular Australian term “G’day” means hello, its counterpart “Hooroo” means quite the opposite. Riders must be at least 42 inches tall (1.07m).

WALHALLA WAVE:           

This Aquatica family raft ride splashes four guests at a time down six stories and through 600 feet of tunnels, twists and turns. The enclosed flume is on the same tower as Hooroo Run, but offers a slightly slower journey. Riders must be at least 42 inches tall (1.07m).

The tassie Twister at Aquatica waterpark. Get your group Aquatica discount tickets through orlando group getaways.


Adventurous Aquatica rafters delight in the twirling sensations of this ride as they spin and splash through a tunnel and into a sparkling pool below. The 129-foot flume takes single or double inner tubes into a super bowl, spins riders around and drops them into Loggerhead Lane. Riders must be able to maintain proper riding position and hold on to handles unassisted.


Seated in double inner tubes, riders head down 5-story slides filled with thrilling drops, unexpected curves and cascading water curtains. At the top of the tower, Aquatica guests may choose one of four colorful slides, each of which will send them down 340 feet and splash them into a crystal blue pool. Riders must be able to maintain proper riding position and hold on to handles unassisted.

The Walkabout waters at at aquatica waterpark. Get your group discount tickets for aquatica with orlando group getaways. cheap aquatica tickets.


Splash! This interactive water playground inside Aquatica is 15,000 square feet of pure water excitement. This 60-foot-tall colorful water adventure is the perfect playground for kids to zip down slides and blast water cannons. Height restrictions vary by slide, guests should consult park signage or lifeguards for guidelines.


This irresistible Aquatica water wonderland for children contains 79,000 gallons of water and features plentiful fountains, rides and slides. Highlights include Slippity Dippity, Slider Rider, Racer Chaser and Zippity Zappity. Tiny tots - even those too young to walk - can enjoy sliding with mom and dad in specially designed rafts.  Riders must be under 48 inches (1.22m).


Dining Options inside Aquatica Water Park

Waterstone Grill is a two-line restaurant serving an assortment of sandwiches and salads, desserts and drinks.

Mango Market is a grab-and-go restaurant serving picnic baskets full of tasty lunch items ideal for a picnic on the beach.

Banana Beach Cook-Out is an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant featuring traditional burgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken and classic side items.

All of Aquatica’s restaurants offer comfortable seating and indoor queues. For additional treats, Aquatica has six food carts located throughout the park.

Every hour, Aquatica’s talented culinary team is prepared to serve approximately 2,200 meals to hungry waterpark guests.

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